Step 1:  Make sure you have an Active Campaign account, and select the appropriate account size based on how many contacts (emails) you plan to mail. 

Step 2:  After you've completed your Active Campaign Account, click My Settings:

  Step 3:  Locate the left navigation, and click on Developer:

Step 4:  Locate the URL and Key for your Active Campaign account and copy them one at a time, and paste inside Live Leap Integration section:

Paste the URL from Active Campaign, in the API URL field inside Live Leap: 

Paste the Key from Active Campaign, inside the URL key field inside Live Leap:

 Step 5:  Enter the Name you'd like to have shown when people receive your email:

Step 6:  Enter the Email you'd like displayed when users receive your email:
Note:  This will be the email recipients will reply to

 Step 7:  Enter the Email Subject recipients see when your Email is delivered:

Step 8:  Enter the body of your Email here.  The Facebook icon inserts a short code that recipients can click, and they'll be sent to your Facebook Live broadcast:

Step 9:  Click the Update Settings button, and you're all set:

Now that you have properly integrated Active Campaign and Live Leap, you can GO LIVE.  

Once you GO LIVE on Facebook (to the location in step 1 of your Facebook Route), Active Campaign will automatically deploy your email.

The deployment of the email usually takes anywhere between 1-5 minutes depending on your Email List size.

We recommend you warm up your live session with engaging questions that increase Edge Rank on your Live Feed.  Click here to learn more about Edge Rank.

Few Pointers:

  1.  Be sure to use an enticing Subject Line so people open your email

  2. Try and explain what your feed is about, and maybe even incentivize your recipients with a FREE giveaway, or some type of value proposition

  3. Make sure you define the problem and solutions that will convince your recipients why they should join your Live Feed

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