Facebook updated the way that Groups work and how Groups interact with third party apps like Live Leap.  You'll need to add the Live Leap App manually to the Groups you want to share to.

To add an app to your group, first click Groups in the left menu From your News Feed, and select your Group.

  1. Click (... More) below your Group cover photo.

  2. Select Edit Group Settings.  

  3. Next to Apps, click Add Apps.

       4. Search Liveleap App.
       5.  Select it and click  the > arrow to Add.

       6.  Click Add.

        7.  Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save.

Follow the above steps for EVERY Group you want to use in your Live Leap routes. 

 Once you have added Live Leap to your Groups you must complete an Account Reset. 


Resetting your Live Leap Account:

Navigate to ACCOUNT SETTINGS inside Live Leap, and Click RESET ACCOUNT.  

This will erase your Live Leap Routes and settings, but it will renew your FB tokens.

Now you can recreate your route/routes by going to the Facebook Route Manager section of your Live Leap dashboard and clicking on the Create New Route button. 

After this step head to your Facebook Settings to ensure that your Live Leap app is set to Public. 

Go to Facebook, visit Settings > Business Integrations> Show All > View & Edit Live Leap >

Under the section titled 


Business integrations visibility and post audience

Select Public and then click Save. 

Live Leap must be set to Public for the syndication in your Live Leap route to work. 

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