Follow these steps to receive your Power Affiliate links and complete set up.

Start off by logging into your Live Leap Dashboard
Live Leap Dashboard

Then navigate to "LiveLeap Power Affiliate" on the menu, then follow these steps in the images below:

After logging into your existing or new PayKickstart account click on the button that says "SEND AFFILIATE REQUEST TO VENDOR"

Your request has now been sent to us at Live Leap.  Once approved you will be able to find your link in the "Affiliate Links" section of your PayKickstart account:

Now that you have your affiliate link copied to your clipboard, head back to your Live Leap Dashboard and enter that link into Affiliate link section:

You can now turn your Power Affiliate link on in your route, as shown below:

You've now set up your Power Affiliate links in route and your cloaked link will be inserted on your syndicated videos!

Your next step is to be sure that you have your Payment + Tax information entered into PayKickstart so that you can receive commissions.
Setting up Payment + Tax form for Affiliates

Watch the video (old version) below to learn how to setup Power affiliate

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