First things first...  You want to make sure that after you signup and pay for your trial, that you DO NOT close any screens.  Reason being, your LICENSE KEY will be located ON your THANK YOU PAGE!

If you lost the thank you page, check your email for your receipt and grab your PK Order ID.  Example:  PK-TQE74MJZW0

Then, you can CLICK HERE to access your license key information.  You'll need to enter the email used to make your purchase, and the PK key that is located in your welcome email from us.

Step 1:  Locate your license key and copy to clipboard

Step 2:  Login with Facebook

Step 3:  Click Continue and proceed

Step 5:  
Click ok again, and Login with Facebook again

Step 6:  Once logged in, watch the Getting Started Video, and connect your Facebook Settings.  Be sure to watch the video, and be sure to enter your License Key provided on your Thank You Page.  If you need or have lost your license key, please contact:  support@liveleap.ccom

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